January 29, 2022

Yono SBI - Scan QR and contactless ATM cash withdrawal

 Hi folks,

I had seen something, I want to do and I have done PoC sometime back. Which is contactless ATM cash withdrawal from SBI Yono Mobile app.


  1. Visit the SBI ATM which supports QR Scan option on KIOSK ATM screen
  2. Select the QR based Contactless Withdrawal option on the touch screen
  3. Open the Yono Mobile app which is already registered with your SBI account and have enough funds to withdraw
  4. On mobile app, select "QR Cash Withdrawal" option
  5. Scan the ATM displayed QR from the Yono mobile app
  6. Select the amount to withdraw on ATM machine
  7. Enter the PIN or OTP when prompted
  8. Money from ATM will be dispensed
  9. This is almost contactless except, you need to touch the ATM screen twice to select the QR option and to select amount.

This way, we can have less touch points to stay safe and secure way to withdraw your money.

Hope you will use this option to withdraw money from an SBI ATM.

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