September 24, 2013

Chennai Old Vs. New Fare Meter Fare Comparision Android App on Google Play

Hi all,

I have designed and developed an app for all the Chennaites, who use auto tranportation.

There has been an hike in prices of autorickshaw fares. Most of the autos didn't get updated to new meter with GPS functionality. Those who are traveling in old autos, either they have to compute the new fare with old (OR) pay whatever auto guy says.

Lets not pay whatever they say, we have developed an app, where you can compute and compare the old and new auto fares.

Lets give a try into looking at our app.

Scan and download app:

Its a complete off-line application, which doesn't require any additional permission from your mobile.

Compute and compare exact amount of old and new Chennai auto-rickshaw fare with day and night time fares.

If your hired auto doesn't have new meter and you have to compute the old and new meter fare then its very easy with our app for your new price calculation.

You can select the traveled distance in exactly using kilometers (Kms.) and meters (Mts.). If any waiting time, select in hours (Hrs.) and minutes (Min.)

Automatically you can find the old auto fare and new auto fare with day and night paying amounts.

I hope you all make use of this.
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