September 16, 2013

Convert MS-Access to SQLite Database

If you are familiar with MS-Access database creation and wants to covert your database to SQLite without putting all your efforts again.

If you database already exists in MS-Access and you want to have that in SQLite for mobile development. Its now a cake-walk like conversion

Here is an easy process to do that.


  • Download from
  • Extract the file, you will be getting mdb-sqlite folder with below file structure
  • image
  • Open Command Prompt and navigate to mdb-sqlite folder
  • Run “ant dist” command (without quotes")
  • image
  • Once the build successful, it will generate dist\main.jar and dist\mdb-sqlite.jar files
  • You can use these jar files to covert your ms-access database to sqlite database with the following command
  • Syntax :-
    • java -jar dist\mdb-sqlite.jar source.mdb output.sqlite
  • Example :-
    • java –jar dist\mdb-sqlite.jar employee.mdb employee.sqlite



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