January 08, 2014

Solution to get rid of Vodafone Live Flash (Pop Up) Messages

Hi all,

I have recently purchased the Vodafone SIM.

After a month of usage and paying my bill, I was getting some pop-up message, asking for confirmation to receive some live updates from various categories.

The message also says that, it will cost some 10 rupees. I know that, its simply waste information.

But per day, I was getting more than 25 messages, which made me think eager to stop this irritating messages.


I searched in Google and found the following information.

  1. Go to “Vodafone Services”
  2. Click on “FLASH!!”
  3. Click on “Deactivate”
  4. It should show a pop-up message “FLASH OFF”


If any further message comes just ignore/cancel it

I think, it worked for me. Let me see for one more day. If still the problem exists, then I will update this blog.


I hope, if anyone facing this issue, they can get rid with this solution.


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