January 20, 2017

Change EOL (End Of Line) Character from Windows to Unix/Linux using Notepad++

Hi all,

Today I will explain about updating/converting EOL for a single file from windows format to unix/linux format.

  1. In Windows, the EOL (End-Of-Line) character is \r\n (CR LF) (Carriage Return, Line Feed)
  2. In Unix/Linux, the EOL character is \n (LF) (Line Feed)

Check for EOL

If you open the file in notepad++, you will be able to see the EOL character by following below steps:

  • Type the content and hit enter button on keyboard
  • Choose menu "View -> Show Symbol"
  • Check the "Show End of Line" option

  • Now, you will be able to view "CR LF" special symbols in you file at every line end as show below

Update EOL

To convert the EOL from Windows (CR LF) to Unix (LF), do the following

  • Click on "Edit" menu
  • Choose "EOL Conversion"
  • Select "Unix(LF)"

  • Now, you can check the update EOL character in your file. Example conversion show below

This type of conversion useful, when you are updating file in windows and using the same file in U/Linux environment.

Batch File Update

For all files in one folder, you can follow my blog.
Reference: http://psrdotcom.blogspot.in/2017/01/change-eol-end-of-line-character-from_20.html

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