May 03, 2017

Eclipse reset/enable workspace preference on startup

Hi all,

Today, I have come across a situation where I want to choose the one of the workspaces i have worked before.

In general, eclipse will prompt for workspace location on startup
But, if you have checked "Consider this as default workspace and don't ask again" option, then next time when you start eclipse, you won't get the prompt for workspace selection.

Re-enable/Reset workspace preference on eclipse startup

  1. Click on eclipse "Window->Preferences"
  2. Go to "General->Startup/Shutdown->Workspaces"
  3. Check "Prompt for workspace on startup" or use keyboard shortcut "Alt+w" 
  4. Now, exit the eclipse
  5. Start the eclipse
You should be able to see the workspace selection on eclipse startup screen.

Happy coding!!

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