July 27, 2020

Pay Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) Trade License Bill Online Payment

Hi Vijayawada residents,

Do not stand in the big queue/line for paying the property tax and water bill.

Now you can pay property tax and water bill online. 

Citizen Services Home Page

Click the below link to view all online payment links for Citizen services

Trade License (TL) Tax Payment Procedure

1. After clicking the citizen service link, click "Click here to pay your Trade taxes"
If that link not worked click on this link
2. Enter your trade license number (new or old) 
3. You would be redirected to a page where you have to do the following
  1. Amount
  2. Select payment gateway
  3. Accept terms and conditions
  4. Click on "Pay Online"
4. After clicking on "Pay Online" button, you would be redirected to the below page
5. Click on "Online Payment"
6. Then the following screen will come