August 13, 2020

Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Suite with file, disk, network, process, security utilities

Hi Folks,

Today, i will give an overview of Microsoft Windows Sysinternals Suite.

This suite helps users and admins to troubleshoot the OS and devices.

Sysinternals Suite

The Suite is a bundling of the following selected Sysinternals Utilities: AccessChk, AccessEnum, AdExplorer, AdInsight, AdRestore, Autologon, Autoruns, BgInfo, BlueScreen, CacheSet, ClockRes, Contig, Coreinfo, Ctrl2Cap, DebugView, Desktops, Disk2vhd, DiskExt, DiskMon, DiskView, Disk Usage (DU), EFSDump, FindLinks, Handle, Hex2dec, Junction, LDMDump, ListDLLs, LiveKd, LoadOrder, LogonSessions, MoveFile, NotMyFault, NTFSInfo, PageDefrag, PendMoves, PipeList, PortMon, ProcDump, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, PsExec, PsFile, PsGetSid, PsInfo, PsKill, PsList, PsLoggedOn, PsLogList, PsPasswd, PsPing, PsService, PsShutdown, PsSuspend, PsTools, RAMMap, RegDelNull, RegHide, RegJump, Registry Usage (RU), SDelete, ShareEnum, ShellRunas, Sigcheck, Streams, Strings, Sync, Sysmon, TCPView, VMMap, VolumeID, WhoIs, WinObj, ZoomIt

Individual Utilities

If you want to use or explore individual utilities then please use the below links for navigation

  1. File and Disk Utilities
  2. Networking Utilities
  3. Process Utilities
  4. Security Utilities
  5. System Information
  6. Miscellaneous

My favorites

  1. DiskMon - Disk monitor whenever read/write happens to hard disk
  2. Disk2vhd - Convert your physical harddisk to Microsoft VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) format
  3. TCPView - List the TCP and UDP ports usage with process name
  4. Active Director Explorer - Advanced Active Directory (AD) viewer and editor
  5. VMMap - Virutal and physical memory analysis utility

Hope, these tools will help you to troubleshoot and/or make use of official Microsoft utilities to explore OS more.

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