August 27, 2020

Notepad ++(PlusPlus) Auto increment line numbering or symbol (bullet) to the text content using Column / Multi-Selection Editor

 Hi folks,

I was searching for automatically adding numbers for the content which is distributed in sequential lines

Sample Input




Multi-line Column Select

  • Press and hold Alt keyboard button and drag the mouse cursor from top-bottom (bottom-top) in the same column (say column 1)
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Press and hold Shift + Alt and Click DownArrow/UpArrow until the end of the column

Column / Multi-Selection Editor

  1. Click Edit Menu
  2. Select Column Editor (Alt + C)

Insert Number list

  1. Choose "Number to Insert" section
  2. Enter the values in "Initial Number", "Increased by" and "Repeat"
  3. Check "Leading Zeros", if required

Insert Text

  1. Choose "Text to Insert"
  2. Insert the desired text/symbol

Format Selection

  1. Choose the desired format
  2. Default to "Decimal"

Please find the below image for your reference

Sample Output of auto increment number




Sample Output of prefixing hyphen (-) to list

- A
- B
- C

Hopy this blog gives to explore more of Notepad++ editor. Happy hacking.

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