August 24, 2020

Microsoft Azure DevOps Server move or copy Project Source Code from one organization to another organization

Hi folks,

Today I will explain the process of moving the projects from one organization to another in Azure DevOps Server which includes the source repository code, history of commits, tags.


  • Git command line tool
  • ssh-keygen tool
  • Azure DevOps Project access

Environment Setup

  1. Create ssh key on your local PC
  2. Same user account on both the organization with required permissions (Admin)
  3. On Azure DevOps, to go user profile
  4. Add the generated SSH pub key of PC to Azure DevOps

Procedure in terminal/command prompt

1. git clone <old org project repo ssh url>

2. cd <project>

3. git branch -a

    a. git checkout <all branches one by one>

4. git fetch --tags

5. git remote rm origin

6. git remote add orgin <new org project repo ssh url>

7. git push origin --all

8. git push --tags

Hope you are able to move/copy the project source code which includes the history of commits and tags.

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