November 26, 2021

BitBucket to GitHub Repo Migration including history

Hi all,

In this blog, we are going to achieve how we can move/copy the bitbucket repo to GitHub.

Checkout BitBucket Repo

git clone

Add GitHub repo as upstream

cd project-folder git remote add upstream

Push the branch(es)

git push upstream master git push --tags upstream

On push unsuccessful, try the below to have same history

git checkout upstreambranch git branch main upstreambranch -f git checkout main git push origin main -f

Add redirect URL

git remote set-url origin

Clean up the BitBucket (old) repo [Optional]

Verify the content carefully on the GitHub repo

  1. Go to BitBucket account
  2. Navigate to the respective repository
  3. Click Settings -> Delete repository

Hope this helps you to organize the repositories as per your choice to serve the best way for dev and ops.

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