November 17, 2021

Extend Ubuntu VM hard disk space/size

 Hi all,

Today I will explain about the process to extend and existing disk space in Ubuntu VM.


  1. VMWare
  2. Ubuntu


Increase hard disk space more than initially configured for the Ubuntu VM.


VM hard disk might running out of space.


  • Make sure we have shutdown the Ubuntu VM
  • Increase the hard disk size
    • Make sure it's in the allowed range
  • Start the VM
  • Open the Disks application in Ubuntu
  • In below example we are extending it by additional 3GB
  • Select the Extended Partition block
  • Click Settings (Gear) icon
  • Choose Resize option
  • Use the increment (+) icon or scroll bar to increase the partition size
  • Click on Resize button
  • Enter credentials when prompted
  • By now, the extended partition will be increased
  • Time to select the file system, where exactly our data is getting stored
  • We will repeat the process of resizing like earlier
  • Using scrollbar increase the disk size
  • Click on the Resize button
  • The harddisk size is been reflected.
Hurray !! You have increased your hard disk size to store more data on the Ubuntu VM.

The same process can be used for normal Ubuntu OS also.

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