June 20, 2013

Skype Video Message (Max Limit: 3 Minutes)

Hi friends,

Skype added Video message. This new feature let you record your video for maximum of 3 minutes and send to your Skype contact.

Which means, when the recipient is offline, you can send a video message to him/her. When recipient comes to online, they can view your video by clicking on a link.

I have just tried it and its simply superb.


Recording your video message:

  1. Select contact which you want to send video message.
  2. Desktop App: Click on “Video Message”
  3. Tablet:  Click on “+” icon to get “Video Message” option. Click on “Video Message”
  4. You will get a message like “Looking Good!! Hit record when you are ready”
  5. Click on record button
  6. Click record button again to stop your video message
  7. You can discard message by clicking on “X”(CANCEL) button
  8. You can playback your video by hitting “Play” button
  9. If you are satisfied with your video message and clarity then hit the “Message” icon to send the video message


View your video message sent by your contacts:

  1. My friend recorded his video and sent to my Skype (though I am online), I got a link in my Skype chat like
  2. “You've received a video message. View it at: some random link and some 4 digit pin”
  3. Click on the link and it will ask you enter the PIN
  4. Enter the pin provided along with the Skype video chat link
  5. Now you can view the video which has been recorded and sent by your Skype contact

Hope, you will enjoy this cool feature.


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