June 18, 2013

Unable to Share folders in Ubuntu problem got resolved (Samba)

Hi friends,

I was not able to share my folders within network sometime back.

After searching and modifying configuration file my problem got resolved.


Unable to share Ubuntu folders


net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare add: cannot share path /opt/foldingathome as we are restricted to only sharing directories we own.
Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = False"
to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.


  1. Type the following in console
    • $ sudo vi /etc/samba/smb.conf
  2. Go to [global] section
  3. Add the following line
    • usershare owner only = False
  4. Save and exit from vi
  5. Restart Samba service
    • sudo service samba restart
Now, you can happily share your folders over network

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