June 10, 2013

Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S Advance to Jelly Bean Latest Version

Hi all,

Do you want to update/upgrade your Android Samsung Smartphone? I have upgraded it with latest firmware.

Please find the procedure below to do it manually.


Warning: Do at your own risk. We are not responsible for any bricking of your device. If you are scared to do it then please visit the nearest authorized service center. The experts from the service center will be able to upgrade your device if an upgrade available in your country.



Visit www.samsung-updates.com

Select your device from the drop down list

It will automatically lists the device current firmware version in each supporting country

You can download the firmware of any country of your choice (Mostly the latest release)

After downloading, extract it to a folder

Download ODIN latest version and extract it

Make sure that you had taken backup of your contacts, SMS, Settings and data as well

Make sure that USB Debugging enabled on your device


Firmware Upgrade:

Switch off your device

Run Odin{xxxx}.exe as an administrator

Press and hold Volume Down key + Home Key + Power Button until you get a “Downloading..” {Downloading Mode} screen with green robot

Connect your device with USB cable

If device connected properly you will see one of ID:COM boxes as yellow/green

And you can see “Added” message in the message section box

Now, Click on PDA button in the “Files/Download” section

Select the downloaded firmware xxx.tar.md5 file

Click on “Strat” button from the “Control Panel” section

It will take some time to finish the process

On mobile screen you will see “Downloading” progress

On ODIN window, you can see the similar kind of progress

Wait till you get the “PASS” message with green background in the box above progress bar in ODIN window

Your device gets restarted now

Select the language options and continue with other settings

Now you can disconnect the device from the PC/Laptop

Enjoy the upgraded OS features


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