January 25, 2012

Apple device Untethering Vs Tethering

 Hi friends,

After a successful jailbreak on the iPhone 4, I was confused between Untethered jailbreak and Tethered jailbreak.

Tethered Jailbreak:

Tethered jailbreak on a device requires, the device to be connected to PC/Mac for every reboot.
Less time in the process for jailbreaking.
Warranty will be void.
Reboot of the jailbroken device need to be connected to PC/Mac :(

Untethered Jailbreak:
When the device has undergone untethered jailbreaking, it can rebooted like normal device, unlike tethered one.
Advantage: No need of PC/Mac to restart the device
Disadvantage: Warranty will be void


Apple’s Official Response To DMCA Jailbreak Exemption: It Voids Your Warranty

From Apple Support, jailbreaking the device causes issues listed in the below site:

Unauthorized modification of iOS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues


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