January 20, 2012

Protect Your USB Pen drive by making it Write Protect / Read Only Device in Windows from Viruses

Hi friends,

Today I have come across protecting the USB pen drive from viruses.

I found lot of useful stuff from internet. I just want to share my views on USB Pen drive protection

There are several to protect your pen drive from viruses. I found the following ways are useful.

Make the USB Pen drive Read-only or Writable:
  1. Installing a software which provides options
  2. Running the .reg files to edit the registry automatically
  3. Manually editing registry
1. Installing a software which provides options
Thumbscrew is a software which makes the drive read-only or writable with single click.

Please find the source of the Thumbscrew software from this link

The installation and usage of the Thumbscrew software are described in this blog

2. Running the .reg files to edit the registry automatically
Download the .reg files from this link

When you want to make device read-only then please run the EnableUSBWrite.reg and connect the device
When you want to make device writable then please run the DisableUSBWrite.reg and copy the content

For further more information on these .reg files, please visit their link

Note: You can view the .reg file content by opening the file in notepad or any other text editor

3. Manually editing registry
If you want to do it manually to see how it will work, then you can do that also by following this procedure

Make your USB Pen drive a bit faster
By following this procedure you can make your pen drive to work faster compared to previous

Protect your pen drives from viruses
Block all the executable files from your pen drive from running virus
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