January 06, 2012

Create custom mozilla firefox profile with browser settings customization in Ubuntu and Windows

Hi all,

Today I have customized my mozilla firefox browser with custom settings by creating my own profile in my user account.

Follow these steps in creating the custom profile for firefox in Ubuntu
  1. Open terminal (Keyboard Shortcut Key: Ctrl+Alt+t)
  2. Change the directory to mozilla preferences directory for user
    • $ cd ~/.mozilla/firefox
  3. Create a new directory yourname.default
    • ~/.mozilla/firefox$ mkdir psr.default
  4. Open the existing profiles.ini file
    • ~/.mozilla/firefox$ gedit profiles.ini &
  5. Replace the Path variable with the following
    • Path=psr.default
  6. Save and close the profiles.ini file
  7. Change the directory to psr.default
    • ~/.mozilla/firefox$ cd psr.default
  8. Create a user.js file
    • ~/.mozilla/firefox/psr.default$ gedit user.js &
  9. Edit the all possible settings by following the references, which are listed down
  10. For Windows Operating System mozilla firefox browser customization, you can follow this link http://www.pcc-services.com/kixtart/firefox-lockdown.html


If you have any queries, please write to psrdotcom@gmail.com
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