February 02, 2012

ICICI Bank ATM Debit Card PIN Changing Procedure with Telephone Codes

Hi friends,
I have mistakenly typed the ATM pin 3 times at ATM. My ICICI card was blocked. This was the second time, it happened to me. I have generated the new PIN by calling customer care.

Then I thought let me write the procedure to activate it through the telephone/mobile.

Please follows these steps to activate your debit card with new ATM pin
  1. Turn Back your ICICI card, where your magnetic strip, cvv and grid exists. 
  2. On top of the card, you will find the major cities names along with customer care number. 
  3. Please call to any one of the customer care number (preferably your region/nearest phone number)
  4. 1111
    • 1 -> Language Selection (English)
    • 1 -> Existing Customer
    • 1 -> Banking related queries
    • A/c No. (or) Debit Card Number: Full Account Number (or) 16-digit debit card number
    • 1 -> Generate PIN
    • Card Expiry Date: Enter in the following format Ex: For Mar-2012, Please enter 0312
  5. Then the call will be connected to phone banking officer
  6. They will ask some security questions regarding your account details, which you have entered in the application form.
  7. Once the verification gets over, then the officer will transfer your call, So that you can generate your new PIN
  8. System will read the last 4 digits of your debit card
  9. You need to enter
    • CVV -> Back of your card, 3-digit CVV will be displayed along with your last 4 digits of your card number
    • New PIN -> Which you would like to change
    • Re-enter PIN -> Same PIN which you have entered as New PIN

Within no time, you can use debit card ATM PIN.

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