February 28, 2012

Simple Steganography to hide file(s) under an image in Windows

Hi all,

Do you want to hide your files under an image to secure important data? That is called Steganography.

In Windows with "copy" command, it is possible.

An image file with any image file extension .jpg, .png etc
A File to hide in any format
An archive file manager like WinRAR, 7-Zip etc.


We will be explaining with sample example and the following files will be used in the explanation.

cutebaby.jpg -> Cover Image, which hides the data file
topsecret.txt -> file to be hidden
babygirl.jpg -> stego image, which contains hidden data file
E:\PSR\My\Experiments\Steganography -> Working Folder

  • After arranging the pre-requisites as above shown, archive your data file (file to hide). In this example, it is "topscret.txt"

  • Now you will be getting the archive file named "topscret.zip" in the file explorer
  • Open Command Prompt and Navigate to the corresponding folder. In this example
  • Delete the "topscret.txt" by using the "del" commad
  • Now, run the copy command with the following syntax 
    • Syntax: copy /b +  
    • Example: copy /b cutebaby.jpg + topsecret.txt babygirl.jpg
  • It will create an image file which contains hidden data file in it.
  • To view the stored data file from the image, open the image file from archive viewer.
  • Specify the path to extract
  • Click on "Extract" button
  • View the file list from Windows explorer and/or command prompt
  • Check the data file content
  • The stego image file size would be more than the data file + cover image file size
  • Any one can view the data file if they know that data file is hidden under the cover image
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