February 22, 2012

Title Bar Missing Problem When Alt + Space keys pressed in Ubuntu for Window Menu Barwith Solution

Hi friends,

I had been facing an issue in my Ubuntu desktop edition.

The problem is, when I was pressing Alt+Space buttons on keyboard for window menu bar, the window title bar is gone.

I was surprised !!!

This will a big headache till you do any one of the following actions Logout, Restart or Shutdown your system (PC).

Finally after searching in Internet, I found the solution which worked for my Ubuntu desktop.

I would like to share that to all.

Solution 1:
  • If you have installed "Compiz" then,
  • Please go to "CompizConfig Settings Manager"
  • Check whether "Window Decoration" option is checked or not.
  • If it is unchecked then "Check" it.

Solution 2:
  • In command prompt (Console) window type the following command
    • $ unity --reset

If solution 1 is not working for you then please go ahead with solution 2.

If you have any queries, you can reach me by mailing to psrdotcom@gmail.com
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