February 10, 2012

Try day to day useful tools on your Windows/Linux(Ubuntu) operating system

Hi friends,

When I was surfing the internet, I found some useful day to day applications/tools. I thought "let me share these applications", so that atleast someone will get benefit from at least some of the tools which they are looking for.

Let me briefly explain, what it contains. The best applications/tools in 2011 developed in Windows and Ubuntu operating systems.

I personally liked,

Ubuntu Applications

News-RSS Ticker: Place your feed on desktop
Blogilo: Desktop Blogging client
MyPaint: Paint app similar to windows
Cairo-Dock: Mac like dock
Lockit: Take screenshot of app or specific area
Desktop Nova: Wallpaper rotator
Gnome Subtitles: Customize subtitles for a movie or any video
Touchpad Indicator: Automatically disable touchpad when mouse is connected
Live USB Installer: Load operating system to USB and use it anywhere you want (Carry OS with you)

Windows Applications

FTP Scheduler: Schedule your FTP upload/download file times
Tweak IE9: For better security in IE and Groupping Tabs like Firefox
CSVed: Editor to edit CSV like files
DiffPDF: Compare the differences between PDF files
TexMaker: Editor for Latex files
Folder Axe: Split your large files
Mosaic: Windows 8 look in Windows 7
Image Composite Editor: Stich photos to make panorama image
BlueStacks: Run Android apps and Games in windows
Batch Compiler: Compile you batch files and make executable
TyperText: Specify your own keyboard shortcuts to run/launch applications and even website links
KumoSync: Sync your google docs to local computer
Soluto: Remotely manage and fix PC Issues

Lot more tools are available online .. Hope some of the above apps will be useful to you.

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